Instructions for Officials on Duty (COBSE Guidelines)

1. Soon functionaries will reach the venue; they will first wash their hands with soap and water.

2. They will carry hand sanitizer along with them.

3. They will carry their won drinking water.

4. They should try to avoid contact with unknown person.

5. Functionaries will throw used tissue/face mask into closed bins immediately after use.

6. Everyone will maintain good hygiene in toilets during and after use.

7. They should not touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

8. They will not shake hands or hug at any cost while greeting, Do “Namaste”.

9. They will refrain themselves from spitting in public places.

10. All staff put of duty should install Aarogya Setu app and regularly update their health status on the app.

Psychological Support

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff and candidates might be under psychological pressure therefore, it is desired that during the conduct of examination, full support may be extended by Centre Superintendent to the staff and by staff to the candidates.

Arrangements at Entry/Exit Gate

1. Based on the number of candidates appearing in the examination, multiple entry/exit points, if need be, be made available for the entry/exit of the candidates.

2. Demarcation may be made outside the entry gate for maintaining social distancing for the candidates when reporting / leaving the examination.

3. No physical frisking of the candidates in allowed.

4. No parent be allowed to enter in the school campus and instructions may also be displayed outside the examination centre of the parents to ensure social distancing norms, wear mask and allow candidates to enter into the examination centre.

5. Necessary arrangements for thermal scanning and hand sanitizer be made at the entry gate (s).

Arrangements in Examination Rooms

1. As per Affiliation Bye-laws S. No. 4.1 minimum size if the classroom is 4m x 6m i.e. 500sqft. For a class size of 40 students. Hence for ensuring social distancing norms not more than 12 candidates are allotted in one class room.

2. The faces of all the candidates need to be in one direction only. Assistant Superintendent will invigilate during examination from the backside of the room meaning thereby his face would be in the same direction as that of the candidates.

3. COVID related instructions may be written on the blackboard for adhering by the candidates and the Assistant Superintendent.

4. Assistant Superintendent and all the candidates in the room should cover the face with mask and wear hand gloves.

5. Doors of the examination rooms will remain open for cross ventilation.

6. All will bring their own transparent water bottle.

7. Candidates will refrain themselves from interchanging or loaning any stationary items etc.

8. Only 01 candidate be allowed to use the facility of the toilet at a time.

Arrangements in Control Room

1. Seating arrangements be done keeping in view social distancing norms and it should be in one direction only.

2. Arrangements should be made for hand washing with water and soap, alcohol rub/hand sanitizer.

3. All surfaces be got sanitized a regular intervals.

4. All officials’ presents in the room will cover their faces with mask and wear hand gloves.

5. Arrange dustbin will lid and their cleaning every day.

6. Attaches bathroom, if any, be got cleaned frequently.

7. Important instructions be displayed prominently.

Instructions for PWD Candidates

1. In case, scribe is allowed, both the candidates and scribe will wear face mask and hand gloves.

2. All items used by the PWD candidates will be sanitized.

3. A separate examination room be allotted for examination for such candidates.

Seating Arrangements may be made in the following manner