Pre-Conduct of Examination (COBSE Guidelines)

1. Entire Examination Centre will be disinfected by spraying the disinfection liquid of 1% Sodium Hypochlorite on all tables, desk, floors, walls, doors, gates, washrooms etc.

2. All door handles, staircase railing and lift will be disinfected.

3. Wherever candidate with Special Needs are appearing in the examination, their supportive material like sticks, wheelchairs etc. be disinfected.

4. Arrangements for spare mask and gloves will be made at the Examination Centre to meet requirements.

5. The sanitizer bottles for making it available at the entry gate of the examination centre, at prominent places, in control room, outside the lift on each floor etc.

6. Liquid hand wash be made available in restroom.

7. All dust bins be made clean and get ready for its use by fitting disposable garbage bag.

8. The sick/medical room should be made ready by providing minimum desired drugs and other essential items like face mask, clean bed etc. Proper instructions should also be displayed how to treat any patient during how to treat any patient during the conduct of examination with all precautions.

9. Details of the nearby COVID hospital and doctors be also displayed in the medical room.

10. Medical room be also disinfected and get ready to meet any emergency. Attendant appointed should remain present in sick room.

11. A doctor may be arranged on call basis in case of emergency.

12. Proper making on ground to maintain social distancing outside the entry gate and at other locations wherever it is required.

13. Advisory instructions be displayed outside the Examination Centre and inside the Examination centre to guide the candidates and their parents to follow the instructions strictly.

14. A meeting with the staff to be assigned duty in the examination be convened probably online where they should be guided about the guideline to be made by them in the examination centre.

15. Allow cross ventilation of air in the examination rooms/halls.

16. Sitting arrangements will be as per the CBSE’s guidelines.

17. Canteen facility may not be made available to the candidates during the conduct of examination.