Conduct of Examination (COBSE Guidelines)

1. Candidates will be allow to enter in the examination centers by maintaining social distancing norms.

2. At entry, there body temperature of the candidates will be checked with Infrared thermometer. In case temperature is <37.40C/99.40F candidates will be directed to go to allotted examination room.

3. Being the summer, in case temperature is >37.40C/99.40F candidates will be rested for some time before measuring body temperature again. If temperature is within permissible limit, they will be directed to go to the allotted examination room. In case, temperature is beyond permissible limit, arrangement is separate room be made for appearing in examination if willing to appear in examinations.

4. Candidates be allowed to sit on their allotted seat one by one by maintaining social distancing.

5. Out of the two Assistant Superintendent, one will remain outside the examination room to control and guide the candidates and one sided the room to control and guide the candidates. Once, all the candidates are settled, they may be instructed to the guidelines informed to them by the Board.

6. Assistant Superintendent will distribute the Answer Sheets from the back side to the room so that their faces will remain in the same directions as that of the candidates.

7. The Questions Paper will also be distributed in the similar manner.

8. While obtaining the certification regarding intactness of the Questions Papers packets, social distancing norms will be maintain strictly and all will use their own pen. Candidates and Assistant Superintendent will clean their hand after signing certificate.

9. Similar precaution be taken while Answer Sheets are collected at the end of the examination.

10. If, invigilator is required to assist the candidate to resolve any issue, they will need to sanitize their hands before and afterwards without removing gloves.

11. Instructions be issued by the Assistant Superintendent to the candidates that when examination is over candidate will leave the room one by one only.

12. Once the examinations is over, one by one candidate be allowed to leave the room by maintaining social distancing norms.

13. All the candidates be direct before the examination is over that they will immediately leave the examination centre after the examination is over and not make any group neither inside the Examination Centre nor outside the Examination Centre.

14. Candidates will not stay in the school premises.

15. Candidates will also ensure that they are not leaving any article in the examination room.

16. Candidates will not shake hands or hug their peers.